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Me in a Nutshell

I am a professional actress. Wow, that still feels weird to say. What does that even mean, really? I've gotten paid to do performances, yes. I have an agent. I have a SAG card. I've gotten reviews for theatre performances on stage. Is that it? Is that what makes me different from any other person who refers to themselves with the moniker "actor"? I sure hope not. Because then there would be millions of me. Anyone who ever trudged the boards or stood for slate, who did an online performance (thanks, Zoom), or presented a product for sale, would be indistinguishable from the being that is Me.

And I don't believe that for one minute. I AM me, and there's no one else like me. You can look at my pictures and my social media and attach any labels you want to what you think you see, and I can't stop you. But I don't have to agree with your assessment.

I know me. I am the only me there is, and I bring something unique and fun and good and trained and passionate to the table. And if I had to narrow that down to a single word, I'd call it Truth. I build my life and my career on being as truthful as possible. Anyone can lie; being vulnerable in that's worth paying attention to.

Today I live by a simple career plan: 1. Do good work 2. Be delightful to work with whenever possible

3. Find truth in the stories I tell

And see how far that takes me. So far, the journey has been amazing. I hope you'll join me, and we get to tell stories together!

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