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Welcome to my new Home!

Y'all....2020 has been a YEAR. We've all been through hell, collectively and in ways that seem to be specifically designed as personal torture. We've all dealt with it together, alone, any way we could.

One of the key facets of my life is Truthfulness. Through my own journey and the demons I've confronted, I've learned that if I'm not truthful - with myself, with anyone else - then I will literally die. I've got an addiction just waiting in the wings to take me down if I give in to despair, to fear, to chaos.

So, I've done what I could during a year none of us will ever forget. I tried to spread positivity and funny memes, and if I couldn't be a beacon of cheer then I tried at least to be helpful. I look for the good in everything, and I've tried to pass that along. Because God knows, it's hard to see sometimes. We owe it to each other to help in the darkest of times.

Of course, every good thing is opposed. People I truly, dearly care for and love have chosen fear and isolation over any message that things can be different. I understand. I've been in that Valley, I've stared Death in the face and I've never forgotten what it feels like, what it looks like, how it sounds.

And I've never forgotten, for one minute, that it was my choice to stay or go. That choice, my friend, is yours as well.

I've created this page so that I can escape the black hole of social media as best I can. Yes, I'm still on Instagram (linked above), and if I ever get started on TikTok, that'll be linked above as well. I'm on YouTube, for now. But I wanted a place where I could just be ME - imperfect, but determined to be the best I can. It's no secret that some platforms are suffused with propaganda - and I don't even mean that in the political sense. It's just all non-stop messages of FEAR, lies, division, hatred, and ugliness.

Well, I say NO MORE. I'll be here, spreading truth and love and freedom and joy and serenity and determination and all those Fruits of the Spirit, as best I can. I won't be perfect; I'll never pretend to be. But I refuse to live in a world of fear and lies.

So I hope you find me here, and I hope you stay! Because Life is an Adventure. And no one is having more fun than us!

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